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Coup Contrecoup

~ Life is a trauma response.

As an Emo Rap/Alternative hybrid band from Tacoma, WA, Coup Contrecoup’s mission is to destigmatize the mental health crisis one song - one story - at a time.  They depart from traditional lyrical tones found in modern mainstream music and tend to focus on topics of depression, loneliness, anxiety, drug abuse, heartbreak, and suicide against emotionally charged rhythms, big drops, and atmospheric crescendos. 


2021 was a busy year for Coup Contrecoup. They partnered with NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) Pierce County and Dream Roots Creative (Rob Young) to form the Bust or Break the Stigma challenge, raising funds for mental health awareness and outreach programs.  In May, they created a live in-studio album at Avast Recording Co. located in Seattle, WA with Grammy Winning Producer Bubba Jones. Live high-energy crowds growing throughout Washington and Idaho capture their intense presence, which gave them the opportunity to open for national acts such as Combichrist, Davey Suicide, and Modern Mimes; as well as headlining shows throughout the Northwest US. In 2022, they are set to release four media production singles and a full-length production album, including a US/International Tour.

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